Your Cells are as Happy as YOU!

Happily Ever NOW ~ why do I say that all time? Because I know that every thought and every feeling I have is feeding my cells. And Happy Cells make a Happy Body. 

Here is another priceless tip ~ only YOU can make you happy! 

That's right! In each moment you get to choose how you want to feel ... nope, you can't blame it on anyone else or any circumstance. 

When I get that new job I will be happy ... when he changes I will be happy ... when when when ... Why not RIGHT NOW? Why not choose right now to be happy? 

Laugh out loud, tell yourself a funny joke, remember a happy memory, imagine eating your favourite food. There are countless ways to make yourself happy right now. 

and the best part?  YOU get to choose when you will be happy ~ why not choose NOW or NOW or NOW :) 

What will you do to make you happy NOW? Send me an email and I'll share your ideas in my next email. 

Happily Ever NOW ~ because there is only now ... 

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Now we're having fun! 


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